White Chocolate Vanilla Bean Buttercream

White chocolate Vanilla Bean Buttercream!

This is my new favorite frosting!

Throw away all the other recipes ! 🤣

This is Liz Marek’s recipe on the Sugar Geek blog. All of her recipes are fantastic!

My husband is crazy picky about frostings. We’ve tried dozens and dozens of recipes. Back when I had Event Cakes Pgh I used a version of her Easy Swiss Meringue Buttercream. For cake class last fall we tried a few more recipes and unfortunately none of them were “the best”. Either they’re too buttery or too sweet or too grainy or too yellow or too greasy and just not right. They’ve all been good enough, edible, but I wanted more, so the quest for the best continued, but only when absolutely necessary because Nobody needs those extra pounds.

I made a double batch in my 4.5 qt kitchenaid.

Made a few small adjustments,

substituted crisco shortening for half the butter and used one less stick of butter than what it called for, I’ve been having issues with frostings being too buttery, it might be my butter brand.

used less than half the salt since i had salted butter, and not a fine salt. Just regular table salt.

She says to use a good quality white chocolate, I had white chocolate Candy melts so that’s what I used.

Flavor substitutes: these were mainly for convenience.

2 tsps of creme bouquet substitute. Mine is pink, its not called creme bouquet. it’s a vanilla/ butter/ nut extract and I didn’t want this chicken cake that I’m making to be pink and added only 2 tsp instead of 3/6 called for.

.Added 2 pods vanilla beans.

Had lemon oil more easily accessible than lemon extract. I was a tad concerned of how intense of an alcohol smell there would be with lemon extract 🤷🏻‍♀️. Either way would be fine I’m sure, This sub was motivated by laziness.

I’ll let you know tomorrow how it is to decorate with! It seems like it’ll be a very similar consistency to Swiss meringue buttercream or french meringue buttercream. It’s hot out today, a balmy 85* Fahrenheit. It’s SOFT. I might need to put it in the fridge. Maybe not though because it was hot from the mixing. I mixed it for way longer than what the recipe said it needed.

https://sugargeekshow.com/recipe/white-chocolate-buttercream-recipe/http://White chocolate Vanilla Bean Buttercream!


Let me know if you try this and what you think?!


Brandi Janine

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