The Brothers Grimm inspired cake: Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes!

The Making of the Brothers Grimm inspired cake, progress photos.

A sketch:

4 tiers and a tree with an owl 🦉

Heart topper, Rice Krispie treat

Whoooo whoooo

Tree stump. Working at my regular cake station at the Grandview Bakery. Notice my “Radiate Positivity” note. There’s also a reminder that says “You are Awesome” 🙂 Cakes are a hella stressful business. It’s good to look up from your work and REMEMBER to BREATHE.

Background painting with Airbrush colors and gel colors mixed with Everclear. Moved to the Party Room to sit and work.

Little Red riding hood and Rapunzels tower

Heart on top

Who’s afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?! Wire to keep his arm up while he dries/ hardens.

RKT Ravens/Crows, black fondant, wafer paper wings. On wires

Packed up and ready to go dahntahn n’at!!

She traveled great! Set up for display at the fundraiser!

Cakes on display

My heart went into this cake, and a lot of time…..

Friday’s hours didn’t even make it into the list, that was probably another 6 hours to a 12 hour day. and add another 1-5 hours for picture editing and social media, blog posting, etc

If this cake were an ordered decorated cake it would cost the customer approximately $1000.00 !!!

Thanks for stopping by my page!! Let me know what you think!! Enjoy your day!!

Radiate Positivity!!


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