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June 27, 2016

The peacock was made over a course of several days . I guess i lost the rest of the step by step pictures 🙁 It looked cool all white too. It was fun for the bakery staff to watch it come together too, since I did a little bit every day.

The skeleton was a flexible thick gauge Wire wrapped with aluminum foil, then covered with a combo of fondant and modeling chocolate.

The cupcake “feathers” were fondant disks and hand painted, with a mix of petal dusts, airbrush colors, dye and everclear. When fondant dries it gets real hard, so these would have been crunchy sugar. I dont think they would have been pleasurable to eat and I did tell the customer beforehand.

The scrollwork and bead border were done with a stiff royal icing.

Here’s the cake gossip with this order:

The interesting story of this cake was that the man whom ordered it wasn’t the groom, but a friend. I’m not sure i remember this correcting but The Bakery owner told me about how when they first opened the bakery, 5 years prior, this man got away with a free cake and she was still mad about it. She said we were scammed because he claimed he paid when they ordered it and hadn’t or something. Possibly even doing this twice or telling a family member how to get a free cake too. So we weren’t sure if this going to be a real order or not. I give out a lot of quotes that don’t turn into orders. It was hard getting the necessary info from him for delivery. I talked to the groom on the phone once, from the customers cell phone. The cake was a surprise for his partner. I made it clear that it wouldn’t be delivered without payment in full. It took several phone call reminders and he finally paid it off on the cut off day, the week before the wedding.

Their reception was at the West End Overlook. It took two of us for set up, which our boss always hated because of labor costs.

I had gotten so many requests for cakes like this and tagged several times on other peacock cake pics. I would probably do the feathers differently next time . I would change the colors, this teal matched their wedding.

The viral inspiration pic
Another viral pic I was sent

The customer came back on several occasions and asked for me when getting cake quotes. He always reminded me about the peacock cake and how everyone loved it. We never talked about the alleged stolen cake. We did get more customers from that order. I charged a reasonable price but maybe i didn’t charge enough because one such referral said they came to us because our “cakes aren’t too expensive”.

Let me know if you like hearing the back stories of the cake orders? I dont have a ton but there’s a couple juicy ones to share. Thanks for stopping by !!


Brandi Janine

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