My Favorite Tools

In no particular order- Will reorganize the list after I can log back in to my account on a computer. I swear passwords are going to be the death of me.

Spatulas ! Must have: 13″ angled, 9″ angled, 9″ tapered, cake smoother.


Also great: 13″ and 9″ straight Spatulas

13″ angled spatula

Wilton Icing Spatula, 13-Inch, Angled Cake Spatula

13″ & 9″ angles, 11″ straight

Wilton Icing Spatula Set for Baking, 3-Piece – 13 and 9-Inch Angled and 11-Inch Straight Spatulas


Tapered spatula

Wilton Tapered Spatula, 9-Inch

Cake boards

30-Pack Cake Board Rounds, Circle Cardboard Base Boards, 8, 10 and 12-Inch. Perfect for Cake Decorating, 10 of Each Size (Gold, 30)

Edible Image printer.

We’ve had a lot of luck with the Canon pixma printers. We buy our printer paper from Pfeil and holing. Make sure your paper, ink and printer are compatible. Any printer can be an edible image printer as long as it’s brand new and has never had regular ink installed.

Couplers! You can pretty much never have too many couplers. Please have at least as many couplers as colors of icing you’re making.

Straws to dowel a 2 or 3 tiered cake

Fondant supplies

Must have: fondant smoother, having 2 is nicer.

Fondant tools: 2 fondant rollers, mat, exacto knife

Tip storage!

This is what we use at the bakery and it’s great. Notice the little flower scissors on the screw below it, and a color wheel nearby and handy. (Hardware store)

You can also see handy- scotch tape, masking tape, sharpie, post it’s to remind you you are amazing and to breathe. Fondant letter cutters, heart and circle cookie cutters.

Any tip organizer that works for you and your space is a winner. I love the tools caddy tackle boxes. I have one for buttercream supplies and one for royal icing. I guess they’re retired now but can be found on the 2nd hand market.

My favorite little flower scissors are also great for fondant work.

Ratcheting pipe cutter, hardware store. Cuts the thicker dowels easily for 4 tier cakes.

Zantlea Pipe and Tube Cutter, Ratcheting Hose Cutter One-hand Fast Pipe Cutting Tool) Ratcheting cutter

A Turntable is an absolute must!

I’m spoiled and have had several turntables, my absolute favorite is this lightweight metal one, it’s sturdy but also turns super easily.

Low profile turntable is great for tiered cakes!

This handy cake carrier is Wilton, it’s a cake carrier and turntable. The handles lock the turntable in place and the dome is tall enough for a wedding height cake with decorations on top. It’s big enough for up to a 10″ board, which an 8″ or 9″ cake would go on.

Food safety is a top priority! Also remember to pull your hair up, wear a hair net or cap.

This is the cake rubber/ shelf liner that you don’t want to get. You want the thicker puffier kind.

Any tip set is going to be good. They’ll all come with at least the basic rounds, stars, Rose tips, leaf, Mum, drop flowers.

Here’s a very popular set: Wilton tip set Master Decorating Tip Set, 55-Piece decorating tips

Happy decorating!

Brandi Janine

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