Brandi’s Cake Life

Welcome to Brandi’s World of Cakes! 

Cakes take patience, practice and perseverance

and Brandi wants you to come along this journey

and help guide you on your way.

I’ve been making cakes fulltime for a decade.

My biggest strengths are Resourcefulness, and I’m going to offer you a ton of Practical, Useful tips for you to use on your cake journey.

I want to be your caker best friend, with the voice of

Happiness, Gratitude, Humor and a big dose of Reality.

I started on my cake decorating so that I could make my babies birthday cakes, just as my mom had made ours growing up. My mom and sister got me a load of supplies and the Wilton classes at JoAnn fabrics. It was the best weekly gift to get out of the house, when my now 10 year old was just a few months old and I was battling thyroid cancer. Cake decorating was a wonderfully sweet escape and hobby. I practiced a lot and happened to be pretty good, already being a crafty person. I just kept experimenting and learning. It didn’t take long before my entrepreneurial spirit started a business. I rented a kitchen space in the strip district, the Pittsburgh Public Market for a year or so, until they closed. Then I had my home kitchen certified. Baking cakes at home was great for a while, working through the night while my boys slept. Sleep deprived but with lots of decorating experience I went to work at a bakery. I’ve made more cakes than I can remember and have shared in more special occasions than I could count. I’m humbled by the love from my clients and love it when customers come back year after year. Decorating cakes for families from showers and weddings to babies to big kids.


Thanks for reading!

Thanks for sharing your time with me!

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I LOVE being in our cake community!