Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day Prep

Heart cake

Valentines Prep was in full swing at the Grandview Bakery. I went in to the bakery Feb 13 to pick up my Mardi Gras King Cake, but also to help Rachel a little with cupcakes and heart shaped cakes. We make a good team 😘

But the real work this holiday was at home. I used to hate Valentines Day. I TRY not to buy into the commercialism of holidays. No heart shaped cheap chocolates and expensive roses for me. Except when they’re too gorgeous to pass up. I mean, i still love pretty things….The struggle is real. 😉

And sometimes the real work is AFTER the boys are in bed. We read a couple short Valentine’s books for bedtime story time. We read every night. (Patting self on back) 😁

They slept snuggly in their beds.

I fell asleep cuddling my little boy 😍 (good thing too, cause i needed a power nap)

Then i had to have hubs come wake me up to finish everything, including fix up last years Valentine Pikachu box. Our 2nd grader saved it all year and wanted to use it again and I’m all for reusing and recycling. (And less work for me) 😄

Thanks to Grandma (and possibly the boys), the trail mix is bagged, and cards are signed, counted and packed. The sink is full of dirty dishes. There’s popcorn on the floor. Just keeping it real.

Boo ghost doesn’t care what holiday it is. He lives to party.

Im a party mom and snack mom for the preschool VDay party.

I made heart shaped cake pops for our family’s first year in preschool . They were gorgeous but also a TON of work. Seriously why are cake pops even a thing?

I’ll post a pic of them if i find one.

This year is our fourth year in between the 2 boys so we’re way more relaxed.

I was planning on making funfetti cupcakes (white cake with red and pink jimmies inside) but when i told my preschooler that he said he’d prefer chocolate. I was back and forth on which cake batter i should make, almost considered making a dozen of each. But aside from the extra work it would make for me, it would also take forever at the party to give 20 preschoolers a choice to make.

😁 This is why I volunteers to do the kids classroom baking

I get to use pretty cupcake liners and little paper heart picks.

I get to icing the cupcakes at a leisurely pace and enjoy the art of buttercream.

Isn’t that teal and red gorgeous? It’s such a different color combination and i love it. (Those are my kitchen oven burner covers. ) I’m going to write a blog post about colors soon.

Rosette cupcakes

Shout out to all the other moms up late to get things done and help make Valentine’s Day happen. Now let’s try to get some sleep .

Happy Valentines Day !

I love you







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