Wedding Cakes and Custom Cakes Contracts

When I was baking at home my company was Event Cakes Pgh. I’m going to be sharing my contract and all the other ins and outs of my decade in the cake industry on this site.

The majority of problems that cake newbs come across with clients can be solved with a solid contract and non refundable retainer. Retainer is a down payment. A deposit can be refunded. A retainer covers all of the work you do leading up to making the cake, the sketch, the planning, the communicating. All of that takes time and time is money. Don’t sell yourself short! We have to charge for our time! Our industry doesn’t magically not have labor costs just because most cakers don’t charge enough to cover their own pay. #realtalk

Cakes take a lot of time to make! I  would schedule at least an hour per tier minimum – just for stacking and decorating. Most cakes are 5-10 hours on average depending on the complications and skill needed for decorating. That doesn’t include baking, making icings, sourcing supplies, delivering, consultations. And you better be charging at least $10/ hour minimum!

You also have to charge for supplies! Butter is expensive, Fondant is expensive, boxes, boards, tools, ribbons, dragees, all of it cost money. Making cakes is expensive. Please please please don’t make cakes at a loss! It’s bad for you in the future and all the other cakers out there. It’s bad for our industry. Yes you should charge less when you’re starting out, but less means like $12/ hour instead of $15/ hour. It’s hard to figure out how long each cake is going to take. That was my biggest trouble in figuring out prices. I’ll make another blog post more about how to charge for cakes, showing my price charts and such, so stay tuned for that.

This one is about the contract. It’s useful in remembering to get all the information needed, to track payments, and everything else. My wedding cake contract at the bakery was 4 pages and more comprehensive. Ill post that too for yinz below.

I’m not a lawyer, haven’t had these looked over by a lawyer, so idk how iron clad it is in that aspect. Luckily I’ve never needed it for that. Going over the terms and conditions is just good business practice to make sure everyone’s on the same page. During the wedding consultation and cake tasting I’d suggest they read over the fine print while I    go to into the kitchen and gather their tasting trays. I’ll have another post about that!

Why would someone need a refund? Mostly because of a wrong flavor or filling. A cake that fell. Maybe the wrong size. Accidents do happen. It’s people making the cakes and not machines after all. We have gone out of our way to rectify problems at the bakery as far as refunds go. At home I didnt have the capital to offer refunds. The payment was already spent before the cake was finished. I’ve had a cancellation and gave a credit towards a future cake rather than a partial refund.

Here it is! Two different contracts that I developed and used in my cake businesses. Feel free to make it your own. Just don’t hold me liable for anything!

Event Cakes Contract .pdf – Google Drive
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Grandview Bakery Wedding cake Contract

Wedding Cake Contract

Please Let me know if you find this info helpful!!! What other topics do you want me to go over for you?

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