Cookie Blossom Fail

Hi cakers! I hope everyone is enjoying this gorgeous Autumnal weather we’re having! The leaves 🍁 change to their golden splendors so fast, and fall before we know it. I try to get as many hikes as possible to enjoy the colors of the season.

So much inspiration in nature!

We attempted to make Cookie Blossoms in Cake Class last week. I had grand plans.

Last semesters cake class cookies

To be honest, I’m not a fan of making cookies. They take a TON of time to decorate. Royal icing is crazy finicky. I’ve been turned off from cookies for several reasons, including ( LINK to blog post about the disaster disney cookies) . So every time this class rolls around I remind myself of the benefits of practice.

As I was going through my lesson plans for the cookie week, I came across a couple pages from teaching a cookie class at JoAnn fabrics back when I was a Wilton Method instructor!

(Pic of cookie blossom from 2013)

I was excited for the class and excited for my students to make their own cookie creations! We did use fondant on the cookies back then, and I’m just not a fan of fondant on cookies. Way too dry and tough.

In order to have the most success with cookies on sticks, it’s best to use a recipe that is going to hold up. A Sturdy solid sugar cookie. (Link to recipe).

Royal icing – pick one, these 3 are very similar, I cant Tell a concrete difference yet. Thin consistency

Rather than trying to make Black royal icing I bought the wilton black cookie icing. It was a runny mess.

For everything else I used the top recipe, be prepared to make these pretty far in advance. They took another student a full two days to dry. My children ended up eating our cookies before the icing even dried. The icing settled nice and flat and smooth, matte .

I made sure to make notes for the class to have boxes and containers that allow all their cookies to lay flat. I did not do that myself and I had sticks sticking in icing and messed up cookies. All that work Ruined. Luckily they were just for fun and weren’t for an order or anything.

I knew right away by the vultures in the kitchen that the cookies weren’t going to last long. Apparently everyone skipped dinner and was starving for anything they could get their grubby hands on.

They were already claiming which ones they wanted and I said “just wait until I can get a few pics and then You can choose what you want”. This meant I had to hurry. So even though the cookies weren’t anywhere near dried I attempted to shove them into an arrangement of sorts. The styrofoam ball I had used was the right size for this project, but NOT the right density. Meaning it was real hard to shove a stick into. I used a chopstick to first poke a hole but that just broke off the chopstick tip. I gave up on it soon after the pumpkin started crying.

Spencer happily eating cookie fails

I’m so impressed with my students cookies!! This class is so talented!

Let me know if you try to make a cookie blossom and how it goes!!


Brandi Janine

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