60th Gourmet Cupcakes & disappointing 80s colored cupcakes

1 1/2 dozen cupcakes

Assortment of gourmet cupcakes: almond torte cupcakes, carrot cake, red velvet, coconut, peanut butter, and vampire bites.

This customer was disappointed with her number cupcakes when she came to pick it up. She was taking it to a fancy dinner and she said it wasn’t fancy enough.

She was very happy when I brought it back out to her. I didn’t really know what she wanted or how to fix it, other than with writing on the board. Then I outlined the cupcakes with icing (messy messy). Its hard to get around the cupcakes and not bump their icing with the piping bag. I didnt love the way the numbers outline border looked, it wasn’t clean or straight enough. but she said it was exactly what it needed, that it brought it all together.

Phew that was a close call. I’m always glad when I’m able to fix complaints right then and there.

I don’t like cupcake cakes. I have these orders in mind as well as others when I’m taking a new order or reading and interpreting an order someone else took.

So Here we go again.

This was for an 80s themed party. She requested black and white swirl and bright 80s colors.

33 cupcakes, the 8 are chocolates and 0 vanilla. The cupcakes are “glued” to the board with a dot of icing on the bottom. The trick is to set them all out how you want and then carefully lift a corner one at a time and push a dot of icing from a tip 12 between the wrapper and board.

I was not there to fix this one. I thought it was good and what she ordered. A lot of mistakes are misinterpretations of what the order says. Not sure in this case as I had taken the order. She hated it. I’m not sure if we heard from her when she picked it up or after the fact, and I wouldnt have known how to fix it either. Maybe she would have wanted a border outline too. She said they could have done this themselves. In my mind of course they could. Everyone can do all of it themselves. I can teach you how. You’re paying the bakery to save yourself the time and hassle. In fact I think she said her daughter could have made it. Anyways her complaint was also that it was whipped cream icing. We can’t know every time when someone’s never had our icing or if they’ve never had swiss meringue buttercream before, which is what we use. It is NOT sweet American buttercream. If someone places an order and asks about our icing I’ll tell them it’s SMBC and that it’s wedding cake icing not sweet buttercream like Walmart or Giant Eagle. It’s light and fluffy and not too sweet.

(Come back here)

Link to recipe for SMBC – coming soon

Link to American buttercream – coming soon

Which kind of icing is your favorite?

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