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Hello! Welcome back and thanks for following along with my cake adventures! Today I want to share a cake order success! We got rave reviews on this one. A lot of times we don’t hear back from customers and generally no news is good news. They’ll tell us they liked their cake the next time they come back to place an order, or they’ll tell the front staff and I dont find out about it. No big deal. They just think we hear it all the time. But I especially want to share some great reviews since the blog is still in its early days and I need some more credibility before I drop the bombs with the cake disasters. Check out my Instagram to see my portfolio.

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1st birthday party
Beach themed 1st birthday party
I didnt end up liking the writing and probably should have wiped it off
Shark fin cupcakes!

Shark fin cupcakes! the shark fund were made out of fondant. I rolled it out about 1/4 inch thick and and cut to shape.

The cupcakes were an undertaking and i enlisted the help of talented crafty my mom and sister. The palm trees were pretzels sticks that I bought at a local candy supply store that sells “unbroken pretzel sticks” by the bag. These are shorter than the average pretzel too. We tried both with cutting them and buying the shorter ones. They worked equally so/so.

The palm trees 🌴 leaves are green white chocolate. Melted and piped free hand onto wax paper. I was worried that they would be too heavy for the cupcakes. They weren’t inserted into the cold cupcakes until at set up.

The number one cake was 2 layer sheet cake, in a 1/2 sheet board. One layer of filling.

Pro tip: I like to draw the number on a piece of parchment paper and then use that as a template to carve.

His little smash cake was a surprise. They were planning on using a cupcake 🧁 but since I had all that cake scrap carved off I threw that in as a bonus.

I love the scrolly waves on the sides and the different shades of blue made with our delectable swiss meringue buttercream.

Scrolling through my pics Im getting all kinds of ideas for a beach themed blog post, a shark post, a carved number cake post. Stay tuned!

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Brandi Janine

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