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Welcome to Brandi’s World of Cakes! 

Cakes take patience, practice and perseverance

and Brandi wants you to come along this journey

and help guide you on your way.

I’ve been making cakes fulltime for nearly a decade.

My biggest strengths are Resourcefulness, and I’m going to offer you a ton of Practical, Useful tips for you to use on your cake journey.

I want to be your caker best friend, with the voice of

Happiness, Gratitude, Humor and a big dose of Reality.


Thanks for reading!

Thanks for sharing your time with me!

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All the Fall cakes!

This is my absolute favorite time of year! The colors of nature are truly brilliant and remind us of the magnificence of our earth. Especially here in Pennsylvania! Buttercream! Swiss meringue buttercream. Floral cakes. Fall flowers. Roses. Rosettes. Mums. Leaves. Sprinkles. Dragees. Borders. Swags. Ruffles. Drop flowers. Stars. Watercolor. Darker colors. Fall colors. Shades of …


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